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Unterkunft.co.za presents this terms of use for most of the users of the web site to comprehend their responsibilities, rights and obligations. Fair use policies of the web site must be comprehended in order never to run into difficulties while utilizing the site.

By using and accessing this site, you concur on these Terms of Use:

On-Line Enrollment

Be a valid user by enrolling in our site and get use of our pages. You will need to complete our membership form with authentic and exact info and after that pick your unique username and password in getting access for this web site that you will use.

As the account’s owner, it’s your duty to safeguard it to prevent unauthorized access. The internet site admin allows the right to terminate and freeze your account in case it’s found out that malicious and fictitious data was entered by you in your account.

As accountable and valid member and user of the web site you consent to be certain updated and the info is kept accurate. As a member that is registered, the site can terminate your membership for any cause and still is entitled to deny your accessibility to some pages of the web site.

As to privacy of your personal account, you might have the obligations and obligations to keep such and your failure to do this won’t by any means become the obligations of www.unterkunft.co.za.

An unauthorized use of the web site making use of your username and password isn’t this site’s indebtedness. Make sure never reveal username and your password to people and to log out after making use of your account you can’t trust. Don’t use any account apart from your personal account in case you desire to access this site.


The contents of the site are properties of www.unterkunft.co.za with no other possession are attached to it. Any contents which are duplicated will probably be subjected to other laws associated with copyright as well as the copyright law. You might seek permission from this site in the event you are going to duplicate or replicate contents for many functions that are valid.

No symbol in the exact same time, images, symbols, designs and trade names will be duplicated form this site. All of these are properties of www.unterkunft.co.za and any person is firmly prohibited to use such for any motives.

Utilization Of The Website

As a registered user, you might post other contents along with opinions. Nevertheless the site holds the privilege to make use of, copy, modify and also distribute such and you will be recognized as the owner and writer for such post or as the source.

The business also allows the privilege to screen and monitor posts or approve and disapprove any to ensure appropriateness of posts. This site has additionally the right to edit and remove post when those posts will not be in accordance to this website’s terms of use.

As a user of the web site, you won’t participate in any conduct that offends the right of other folks ; breaks the laws on patent, copyright, logo, trade secrets and proprietary rights; infringes the secrecy of information and seclusion of other individuals as well as the identity of the site ; degrades any individual or group within their sex, sexual preferences, race, age, handicap and ethnicity; injuries and sways minors; impersonates anything of the web site for any functions ; controls posts; interrupts software and operations of the web site by posting viruses as well as other dangerous files; supports other people to commit prohibited and mischievous acts; breaks the terms of use of the site.

www.unterkunft.co.za will collaborate with all the things and law enforcement for investigation of unlawful actions when any users of the web site break the Terms of Use. The web site allows the privilege to alter this website’s Terms of Use to the users without the previous notice.